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Journaling Therapy

  Following on from last week’s miview sharing Dame Renee Fritchie’s great journaling questions, (read it again here) I am keen to stay on the theme of ‘How Can I Motivate Myself?’ before moving on to the motivation of others   To be self motivated, you first must know what motivates you and the best tool I can recommend for this is regular writing and the best place for this is in a journal.  …


How can I motivate myself?

“If you want the truth, you must write about yourself I am the only truth I know” J Rhys   Dame Renee Fritchie called the missing part of career development ‘biography writing’ and outlined the importance of getting to know, understand and love yourself. The sad truth is that many of us power through life without taking the time to put pen to paper and enjoy this experience.   So I’ll begin by saying, well…

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