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Posts Tagged ‘determination’

The art of Delegation – How am I supposed to do that?

Last time we looked at why we delegate (click here for a reminder)  and I promised you we would follow up with how to effectively delegate; so you start getting the most out of yourself and your people as fast as possible. The first challenge surrounds what you get someone else to do! It seems simple enough however when faced with many different options, it is easy to fall at this first step and decide against the…


Business is not for you?

I have spoken to many people who ask themselves this question… ” Do I still want to be in business?” I did some personal reflection on that same question; I started up some years ago with a love for what I do and a passion to deliver a service that outwits, outreaches and outdoes everyone in my profession. Back when I started, I believed my zest for my business would shine through every time. I was…


Why Bother?

We always hear talk about two main resources in business, time and money, and often these two elements are used as a great excuse for not getting stuff done. I know when I hear, “if only….” then it’s a sure thing an excuse is coming. And yet, I believe there’s an equally important third element, one that can push us past the limitations of time and money, one we often forget, the vibration of the universe that we call energy. When…

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