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If only I could get started, think what I could do!

When I think about motivation for businesses, I think of it as a title under ‘Management Development’ and how to get the best from your staff. But as I started writing this piece, I realised we need to consider our personal motivation first and consider why it is important to get the most out of ourselves, before working on others! I’d like you to imagine yourself 5 years in the future. Picture yourself sitting on…


Careful What You Wish For

Many of us have a conditional love for our parents: we get on with them, or not, at different times, on different levels for different reasons. I loved my Dad and he loved me, because we were Father and Daughter. However, there were many times when I did not like him and we found many reasons to debate, disagree and ultimately fall out over our years together. But there’s one thing that was ‘ours.’ Our…

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