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Posts Tagged ‘Reflection’

Take the time for your ‘Barcelona Moment’

I stood recently at the Barcelona waterfront looking up at the statue of Christopher Columbus, remembering how, 40 years before, I had stood in that exact same spot, looking out to the sea, at the place that marks where he had sailed from in 1492. I had just left school and been on my first ever flight, my first ever trip as an adult. With school just behind me, and my whole future in front…

Anyone Can Make a Mess

I had the privilege of a weekend away in Wick, right in the north of Scotland where I was surrounded by beautiful scenery, wildlife and lovely people, all contributing to a wonderful break from city life. ‘Cleansing’, I believe, is the vocabulary for very wet, very wild and very windy weather! Following a brisk walk along the cliff edge while in awe of the strength of the powerful waves lashing in from the North Sea,…

It’s Easter time!

Holidays are a great for reflection, reorganising and relaxation.  However you have spend your Easter weekend, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have been lucky enough to benefit from the glorious weather I have enjoyed here in Edinburgh, then you’ve had an added bonus too. I found this great quote which I think is perfect for this time of year so I would like to share it with you. “sometimes you find yourself…

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