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How Do the Seasons Influence Your Business Planning?

As a leader, it’s not enough to know what to do. You also have to know when to act. By considering the four seasons we can be guided towards the best time for action: • the seasons are not all the same length • each season has a beginning and an ending • the seasons come in sequence • crops of success may be cultivated in several areas simultaneously yet harvested at different times •…

How Can You Tell it to a Six Year Old So They’ll Understand?

Isn’t it frustrating when we are talking about something we think we know inside out and somehow we end up not being understood? There we are, chatting away, explaining the details of something we’re passionate about, totally oblivious to the look of confusion on the other person’s face. And then they start asking questions, questions we thought we’d already answered in our previous monologue! And that’s when it hits us – they never understood a…

Goal Setting – is it all its’ cracked up to be?

Along with Santa, turkey and good cheer, comes the telling that we need to be setting our goals (or making New Years Resolutions) for the incoming year. Well, that’s the message anyway! Yet statistics show that very few people actually do – only somewhere in the region of 4% of the population take the time to sit down and really think about what they want to achieve in their lifetime, and of those that do,…

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