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Posts Tagged ‘Staff development’

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

I’ve had a couple of clients repeat the age old saying” its quicker to do it myself” this week and I totally understand why they think this is the case, it’s what most of us think right? Because in your mind, not only will the task be done quicker but it will be done right and done the way you want it, but is it really the best course of action for the long term?…

The Value of Understanding What Makes Your People Tick – motivation in action

The benefits of working with a team who enjoy their work and the company of each other is tremendous, however achieving that harmony is not always a straightforward journey. My first mistake was the assumption that we all want the same out of life – I thought if we all did something I enjoyed when celebrating our successes, then everyone would have fun. I soon discovered this not to be the case and it puzzled…

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