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Undiscovered Talent Wins Big Part

At a recent gathering we were asked to bring some food to share and as my culinary skills leave a lot to be desired, I went with, what to me is an easy option. I made some hummus, three different varieties, a lovely chilli and lime; a red jalapeño and a caramelised onion. Yummy, right?  As I was devouring some very tasty homemade ‘proper’ chocolate, I heard “Who made this – it’s delicious?” I turned…

The Value of Understanding What Makes Your People Tick – motivation in action

The benefits of working with a team who enjoy their work and the company of each other is tremendous, however achieving that harmony is not always a straightforward journey. My first mistake was the assumption that we all want the same out of life – I thought if we all did something I enjoyed when celebrating our successes, then everyone would have fun. I soon discovered this not to be the case and it puzzled…

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