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Are you surrounded by those on the same journey as you?

What do you think is your number one challenge in your business right now? Most of the time I get answers like these: “I don’t have enough time!” “I don’t have enough money!” “I don’t have enough staff” “I have to do everything myself to get it done right!” “I don’t know what to do first!” “I don’t know what to do next” Are you feeling tired, frustrated, and stressed? I have a technique that…


How Can You Tell it to a Six Year Old So They’ll Understand?

Isn’t it frustrating when we are talking about something we think we know inside out and somehow we end up not being understood? There we are, chatting away, explaining the details of something we’re passionate about, totally oblivious to the look of confusion on the other person’s face. And then they start asking questions, questions we thought we’d already answered in our previous monologue! And that’s when it hits us – they never understood a…

Out of the Darkness

For many years I have been afraid of the dark. Very afraid of the dark, so afraid that I slept with the light on, bought my homes close to a bus stop so there’d always be a light shining outside and avoided going out alone after sunset whenever possible. That’s how afraid I was. It’s something I learned to live with and I adjusted to accommodate my fear in every aspect of my life. I…

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