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Posts Tagged ‘wake up call’

What Do a Roundabout and a Police Person Have in Common?

I indulged in an amazing hour and a half of deep belly breathing at my meditation class last Tuesday, and afterwards was feeling a little ‘light headed’. I probably should have given myself a little while to regain my equilibrium, but since all I had inhaled was oxygen, I felt safe to drive home. Unfortunately, I had a “wobble” in my difficulty to select the correct exit off a roundabout and was sadly mistakenly taken…

Working all the time is not a business it’s a life sentence

“Mum, do you know it is Saturday tomorrow?”   “Yes”   “Well why are you still working at midnight?” Good question and one for which I did not have, a fitting reply. Starting up your own business is exciting, breaking away from the 9-5 rat race and dreaming of better things to come without a boss fill many of us with enthusiasm and energy to conquer our piece of the world. It starts out as…

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