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Archive for March, 2015

The Power of Gratitude

There has been so much I have been grateful for recently, a solar eclipse, the intermittent sunshine and the emergence of a new spring season, not to mention the people in my life that are special in so many ways to me. All too often we get hung up on what is not working in our lives and forget to appreciate all the good things that we are surrounded by. Some of the benefits talk…

Feeling Stuck?

I like to say “Thank you” for being part of miworld, for your responses to miviews, for your phonecalls and your energy that keeps me motivated. As we enter the month of March, we are now nearly one quarter way through the year, and I know some of you will be well on target to achieving what you want this year, and some of you may not. Either way, I would like to ask you…

When Did You Last Stop for Breath?

Recently I parked my car to take a scheduled phonecall, something very familiar to me. As we checked in, discussed challenges and options I became very aware of the world round me. What was unfamiliar was where I had parked the car, not in a car park or at the side of the road but somewhere different. I just realised I was in the beauty of the country. The sun was shining, the fields were…

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