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Archive for August, 2015

Unexpected Accident

I found myself observing the unfortunate people who had dropped into ‘accident and emergency’ on Friday night. I was lucky enough to be accompanying a friend who hurt her foot – so I had no fears about my own health. People were holding sore arms, limping with painful feet or holding a patch against a sore eye. One thing the receptionist said on arrival really resonated with me – “You’ll have a long time to…


School’s Back, Time for the Happy Game!

I drove past Peter, our local lollypop man just the other day, and as I smiled and waved at him, I was reminded of the times when I drove my son, Martin, to school. We played a game with each other to brighten up the day, and it was especially useful when we had that ‘end of summer, start of school again’ feeling. It’s very simple and easy to play. All we did was this:…


Put Yourself First

You’ll never guess where I was yesterday – now bear with me guys because there is some good stuff in here for you too….I was down in East Lothian for a self care workshop and I would like to share some awakenings with you:- 1.   Can our outer world be an easier place if we treat our inner world better? 2.   If we heard someone we cared about being spoken to the way…


With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

“Jane, Why miworld?” “Jane, Why miworld, miresponsibility?” These two concepts embrace the whole of who I am, and what my business is about and I often get asked what it means. The name miworld was born because we all live in our own little worlds which collectively makes up the universe and how we think, feel and behave in our worlds can have a huge impact on the whole. Responsibility –your ability based on your…

Take the time for your ‘Barcelona Moment’

I stood recently at the Barcelona waterfront looking up at the statue of Christopher Columbus, remembering how, 40 years before, I had stood in that exact same spot, looking out to the sea, at the place that marks where he had sailed from in 1492. I had just left school and been on my first ever flight, my first ever trip as an adult. With school just behind me, and my whole future in front…

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