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Archive for April, 2016

But I Haven’t Had a Holiday in 5 Years!

I’m starting a business, Now isn’t that fun I’m fed up with working I want some fun in the sun The clock keeps ticking, Always work to be done The wife said, “Five years since we’ve seen sun” I thought I’d dream different With Cruises, Captains and Cash Not sitting here at my desk, Long after dusk As I think in my chair At the end of the day It’s time to call miworld There’s…


8 Proven Steps to Business Success

What is success? Where do we go to find success? How do we make our business a successful one? It often seems like we are seeking a magic path, a Yellow Brick Road, just like Dorothy and her cohorts in the Wizard of Oz; each looking for something that means success in life to them, a heart, a brain, courage, or simply the way home. But Dorothy’s magical journey was a fairytale from many years…


Is There Just Too Much Choice Today?

Yes, there is! Sometimes there is no need for a debate, for me anyway the answer is obvious and although in this case it is to me, I am keen to hear your experiences and preferences too. Dilema I decided on Saturday that I needed a new pair of Jeans and immediately thought, it’s Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the week and there are so many shops and shopping centres in and around Edinburgh…


miworld miresponsibility

It’s a long time since we issued our first miview, and when better to reissue it than when we are celebrating 10 years in miworld. Welcome to miview, In our commitment to sharing positive thoughts, we are sending you the first edition of miview from miworld, it’s miworld and it’s miresponsibility. The purpose is to offer you something to think about in your business, and in yourself. So to kick off, this time we’ll look at responsibility…

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