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Archive for July, 2017

What’s Your Annual Read?

“Jane, I’m off on holiday, can you recommend a good book?” “Of course, what do you like to read?” And there it begins, I love reading and learning from it, I love personal development books, business books, nature books but recognise that our tastes are all different so it’s not that easy to recommend one single book. I was surprised when the conversation turned to, “Why on earth do you read so much?” I was…


Did You Hear The One About The Ice Cream Van?

I woke up on Saturday morning; the sun streaming in through the window and impulsively decided today was going to be a beach day. Sun, sea sand, we have to grab every opportunity to enjoy good weather here in Edinburgh. Not long after, I’m paddling in the sea, gentle breeze on my face, loving the cool water lapping at my feet. When my thoughts were interrupted with that familiar sound of tinny bells from an…


Spinning Plates, Ooops! Dropped One

Although I write about it often enough, how important it is, key in fact to success, I have to confess that I sometimes have a problem staying focussed. I often feel like I am spinning plates; it’s hard enough to get them all up in the air and spinning at the same time, but then one starts to wobble and if I don’t catch it fast enough, it smashes to the ground, swiftly followed by…

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