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7 Surprising Ways for Entrepreneurs to Gain More Energy

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have an endless supply of energy, able to do everything they need and want to do in a day with energy to spare while others have big dreams and plans but don’t seem to have the energy to even take the first necessary step on their journey?

Oftentimes, it seems to be the high achievers, the movers and the shakers that bounce around, making things happen and rarely sitting still.

And some days you might be one of those movers and shakers, and then other days you’re not. And when you’re not, it seem to take forever to get started, and you know if you could get started then you would be able to get lots done but nothing works to get you to put that first fifteen minutes into it.

Why is it that our energy levels can fluctuate so much from day to day and is there a way we be more productive on a more regular basis?

That was a question I started to explore as several of my clients were talking about, not their lack of motivation – they had that in spades, no, it was their lack of energy. They were tired, drained and unable to get going. This motivated me to delve deeper into energy because it is one of the great factors of getting things done, maybe even more so than having time and money. Here’s what I have concluded from my research:

1. Tomorrows Energy Starts Today

Sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do at the end of the day, but leaving your desk set up with the first thing you need to do in the morning gives you a much better start to the day. This removes what I call ‘faffing about’ time, and I am sure you are as aware of this highly unproductive time as I am. It’s that place where you feel unsure of where to start, of what to do and can lead to that nasty feeling of overwhelm because your energy is being zapped and you feel guilty as the clock ticks on and you achieve nothing.

2. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Ah, sometimes the old ones are the best but we all know that when we awaken fresh, well rested and early and get a great start to our morning, the rest of the day seems to follow in the same way. When we work late, when we sleep in, which leaves us feeling tired and lethargic, our day follows our energy levels and it can be a real effort to get anything done at all.

3. Start In Your Own World

Nowadays, many people sleep beside their mobile phone and the first thing they do when they waken is reach for it. They check their emails, Facebook and all sorts of distractions before they get their self out of bed. What they are actually doing is being pulled into other people’s worlds, getting distracted with all the stuff out there in internet land and managing very successfully to avoid doing what’s most important. Then when it’s time to work on your own stuff, the things that make your world better, your energy is already depleted, you’ve given it away and it’s now much harder to get started.

4. Do What You Love

You started out in business for yourself because you love to do what you do. Often what then happens is you get dragged about doing all the other stuff that involves running a business, the invoicing, the books, the marketing and there’s nothing that deflates your energy like doing one thing when you want to be doing something else. Learn the art of delegation and start using it as soon as you can, leaving you to spend much more time on the important things in life – what you love to do

5. Be Good To Yourself

Energy is about movement so be sure to move. Some people like swimming, others walking, others the gym. It doesn’t matter how you move but it’s really important that you do. Our ability to move can be hampered by health, but also by the fuel we put into our bodies so I encourage you to be aware of what you are feeding yourself. Garbage in, garbage out as they say. Most people eat too much, too much of the wrong foods and often for the wrong reasons.

6. Work With Intention

“Love me for a reason and let that reason be love”, sang the Osmond brothers many years ago. Now I was never an Osmonds fan but they were around a lot while I was growing up and these words often come into my mind. When we do something because we love doing it, when we work towards something worthwhile, then we seem to have more energy to do it. When you work towards a worthwhile goal, when you set an exciting intention, then your passion rises and is accompanied by a seemingly boundless amount of energy to make it happen along the way.

7. Enjoy Your Energy

I often say there is not enough laughter in the world and how grateful I am to Billy Connelly who reminds us of how funny living in a world surrounded by others can be. Laughter is our way of expressing our joy and humour, its important to allow ourselves a laugh when we see, hear or feel something that amuses us. And it’s healthy, it’s can fight off stress and there’s even laughter therapists popping up to focus on better health through fun!

Protect your energy levels, start by planning your first action for tomorrow at the end of your day, get up early and avoid the phone to go straight to work on what’s important for you, Get what you can delegated, work with intention on the stuff you love and don’t forget to be good to yourself. You’ll get more done and be able to have more time off and don’t take it all too seriously – we need a medicinal shot of laughter along the way.

Ps last night I set the intention to email this miview to my editor by close of business today – it’s now 07:07 and it’s going off – and I haven’t even looked at my phone! Let me know what your energy secrets are.

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