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Posts Tagged ‘business ideas’

Do Humble Hearts Give Us a New Appreciation For What We Have?

I had a really emotional experience the other day and I want to share with you, because it moved me deeply. I was meeting a friend for a bite to eat on the busy tourist mecca that is The Royal Mile and walking down the street, dodging the crowds, I was able to observe the ‘performance’ of a homeless man. Wrapped in a blanket, his hat placed on the road in front of him, he…

What Will You Do?

There’s a decision to be made It’s about your future It’s about the future of your business Visionworks – Enabling you to see your future, Supporting you in reaching your future, Inspiring you to create your future, bigger and better than you ever thought possible before If you don’t do something different, your future days will mirror your past. So what will you do? Keep on doing the same thing hoping for a miracle, or…

Undiscovered Talent Wins Big Part

At a recent gathering we were asked to bring some food to share and as my culinary skills leave a lot to be desired, I went with, what to me is an easy option. I made some hummus, three different varieties, a lovely chilli and lime; a red jalapeño and a caramelised onion. Yummy, right?  As I was devouring some very tasty homemade ‘proper’ chocolate, I heard “Who made this – it’s delicious?” I turned…

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