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Posts Tagged ‘christmas’

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I always think of December as a great time to reflect back over the year that has been and to appreciate the good times I have been blessed to experience, remember the people who have touched my life, especially those who have departed and develop my plans for life, living and business in 2015. Saying all that, the first thing I want to appreciate is all of you. The people who read my words, meet…

Black Friday?

What on earth is happened on Friday? I had to nip up town to the bank and, as you might have seen for yourself, every shop window, bus shelter and ad space presented with us with an overwhelming array of ‘Black Friday’ offers and discounts, all urging us buy immediately as these goodies were limited to ‘today only’ or ‘while stocks last.’ I thought Black Friday was the day after thanksgiving when all the Americans…

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