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How Can You Tell it to a Six Year Old So They’ll Understand?

Isn’t it frustrating when we are talking about something we think we know inside out and somehow we end up not being understood? There we are, chatting away, explaining the details of something we’re passionate about, totally oblivious to the look of confusion on the other person’s face. And then they start asking questions, questions we thought we’d already answered in our previous monologue! And that’s when it hits us – they never understood a…

What Will You Do?

There’s a decision to be made It’s about your future It’s about the future of your business Visionworks – Enabling you to see your future, Supporting you in reaching your future, Inspiring you to create your future, bigger and better than you ever thought possible before If you don’t do something different, your future days will mirror your past. So what will you do? Keep on doing the same thing hoping for a miracle, or…

The Question is, “Do you?”

Let’s get straight down to 2015 business here: Do you have a clear vision, a detailed picture in your head of what you want your business to look like, do you? Do you spend time each day making progress towards that, do you? I thought not! Like most people, you wonder what to do first, or what to do next? Just today I heard the words, “the hardest part is getting started”. And with so…

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