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Posts Tagged ‘New Year’

Is Now Your Time?

With 2014 speeding towards us, those of us in business have two options:  Coast in and wait until the New Year to get a New Start., OR Take stock and get moving so that you are all set and making things happen even before January 1st If you want option 2, then you know that there’s still time to refocus and align you and your business in 2013 to position you to achieve your goals. Think…


Unexpected Company

miUnexpected Company 170411 The Nepalese New Year has dominated my week in a phenomenal way – it has let me meet people I haven’t seen for a while and allowed me to invite close friends for an entertaining evening of enjoying beer, fabulous food and different dance that is poles apart from our own culture. This made me reflect on our own New Year where everyone has an intention or expectation of fun, perhaps influenced…

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