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Posts Tagged ‘purpose’

Journaling Therapy

  Following on from last week’s miview sharing Dame Renee Fritchie’s great journaling questions, (read it again here) I am keen to stay on the theme of ‘How Can I Motivate Myself?’ before moving on to the motivation of others   To be self motivated, you first must know what motivates you and the best tool I can recommend for this is regular writing and the best place for this is in a journal.  …


Working all the time is not a business it’s a life sentence

“Mum, do you know it is Saturday tomorrow?”   “Yes”   “Well why are you still working at midnight?” Good question and one for which I did not have, a fitting reply. Starting up your own business is exciting, breaking away from the 9-5 rat race and dreaming of better things to come without a boss fill many of us with enthusiasm and energy to conquer our piece of the world. It starts out as…


Business is not for you?

I have spoken to many people who ask themselves this question… ” Do I still want to be in business?” I did some personal reflection on that same question; I started up some years ago with a love for what I do and a passion to deliver a service that outwits, outreaches and outdoes everyone in my profession. Back when I started, I believed my zest for my business would shine through every time. I was…


As If…….

Like many of you, I am sure; I was saddened this week to hear about the passing of the great Nelson Mandela and as the same time grateful to have been alive with a man that made history in such a profound way. He lived with a clear sense of purpose and a focus that enabled him to really make a difference. As I was listening to a meditation recording yesterday, I was reminded of…


Is It Worth The Wait?

Have you ever been tempted by chocolate while on a diet or a treat when you are saving up for something bigger? Our minds are constantly making decisions and temptation is often in our way. Our life success is based upon these hundreds of tiny everyday decisions, as they take us closer or further away from our goals. We can all get distracted, tired and lazy or just plain fed up and make a choice that doesn’t…


That’s What To Do

January is passed, blimey – June too! But July is waiting just for you. A beach barbeque? That’s not for you miworld masterclass – now that’s what to do. When times get tough like they sometimes do, get round a table; but not with Aunt Mable! Learn from the best and pull yourself through. Don’t do it alone – that’s not what to do. Once a month, that’s all it takes to get you and…


On The Road To Nowhere

Where do I begin? And Where am I going? Reminds me of the Talking Heads song Road to Nowhere, and sometimes we may feel like we’re living the lyrics of that song… I often listen to people who are feeling like they are overwhelmed and underachieving, people who feel there is so much to do and so little time to do it, however when I dig a bit deeper, it’s often about  “I don’t know…

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