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Archive for May, 2011

Did He Really Say That?

Did He Really Say That? 080511 Although we live in a fabulously technological world, every so often it just doesn’t work! So when my telephone wasn’t working, I made a call to my supplier in the hope that they would fix it for me. “We’ll log a call with the engineer” they said. The following morning, unannounced, an engineer arrived at my front door and after some investigation said that I had a major fault. He…


Say The Second thing That Comes Into your head

miMayDayBlog 010511  Say the second thing that comes into your head Another sunny day to enjoy…… After my son Martins’ recent 17th birthday party, I was surprised to hear of yet another wrestling night (by night – I mean a WWE program (wrestling) from theUSA that runs from 1am till 4am…..and I only do nocturnal in exchange for a long haul holiday!) I was further surprised when, after my glorious evening walk in the relaxing…


Unexpected Company

miUnexpected Company 170411 The Nepalese New Year has dominated my week in a phenomenal way – it has let me meet people I haven’t seen for a while and allowed me to invite close friends for an entertaining evening of enjoying beer, fabulous food and different dance that is poles apart from our own culture. This made me reflect on our own New Year where everyone has an intention or expectation of fun, perhaps influenced…


Snap Dragon

In miworld it was time for my 15 year old son Martin to take some responsibility for household chores so I decided a good place to start would be the dishes. We have a dishwasher so how hard could it be? Fill it, start it and empty it. Then the fun began. Martin decided it was not a fun job and was well named chore! He always had something to do and I inevitably emptied…


Hilltops and Highland Cows

miSunnydayBlog 300411 A few days ago, as the sun was dropping in the sky, I found myself at the foot of the Pentland hills about to go for a walk, a very hilly walk I was soon to discover! As we set out to quite a rapid ascent and after only a few minutes of climbing, I was out of breath which was a great reason to stop, turn round and admire the fantastic scenery….


Where Were You?

miRoyalWeddingBlog 290411 “Where are you watching the royal wedding?” my friend asked, and was horrified with my reply of, “I’m not – I’ll see the highlights on the news later, I don’t need to see the whole thing” She was really inviting me to her home, to watch it with some other friends, so we could relax in front of the TV, toast the happy couple and enjoy some food and chat together. “It’s tradition…


That’s What Friends Are For

miEasterMondayBlog 250411 What a different world we live in when the sun comes out! After enjoying a lazy rainy day on the Saturday before Easter, reading a book and generally pottering about in the house, I went out for a walk with a friend and her new bike for some fresh air in the warmth of the Easter Monday sunshine. Now I haven’t been on a bike for many years however I know that you…

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