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Archive for January, 2016

My Business Journey, How I Got to Here

Many people ask me to recall “my story” to them and when it was suggested I put it out in a miview “Really? OK – here goes” I left school at 16 with two highers, a handful of O grades and a job secured within the financial sector. I flew out to Spain for my first foreign holiday (including a trip to Barcelona) a far cry from the usual family two weeks visiting my Granny…


I’m so not ready for my close up. Are you?

“Why don’t you have more videos on your site? “I was asked again. Because, honestly, I get asked this a lot! You need to ask?” I said. “I don’t look good, I don’t sound good, I don’t know what to say….and that’s just for starters.” And that’s what I said to someone else, what I say to myself when I try to record a video is much uglier and very unkind. And it’s really strange because…


“Alice:How long is forever?”

“White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.” Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland “I don’t have the time for this” “I didn’t have time to do that” “Where did the day go?” How many times in a day do we hear such sentiments expressed, as time seems to fly by. And as time flies by, more often than not, the right things just don’t get done. I’m sure you’ve heard those words or similar times. And not only…


Have You Made That Big Scary Goal?

A friend called and said, “I’m doing the Porty Loony Douk” this year. For those of you outside of Edinburgh that translates to running into the sea naked on New Year’s Day at Portobello Beach “When is it?” I asked and she replied, “1pm, 1st January, want to come and watch me?” One of my most favourite things to do is a prom walk so I readily agreed to be there. And then I watched…


Are You Getting What You Want From Your Business?

Do you remember that day, some time ago when you had an idea, and you kept thinking about it, and it just got bigger and bigger until you had to do something with it and then….you decided to start your business. Recall the energy you felt, the joy in your heart and the fear in your tummy, the total ‘Oh crikey, what am I doing, is this going to work out?’ excitement that kept you…

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