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Archive for May, 2016

How to Build Yourself a Sellable Business

There’s a knack to everything and that knack is the same for everything too. For me, that knack is illustrated in every question that starts with the word “How”. For I immediately think of this sentence, “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is “one bite at a time”. And that’s the knack to everything. One bite, one step, one action at a time, and you’ll get to whatever, wherever it is you…


What Story Would You Share?

People love a good story; its how we’ve connected as human beings for centuries. Before television, radio and books, before papyrus or cave walls, tribes used to finish the day sitting in a circle round a campfire, sharing tales and music. Stories spark emotions. They talked about their days adventures, They passed down traditions, cultures and beliefs through story, invoking fear, anger, hope and joy; their stories had all the elements of a great book…


But I’m The Boss of Everything!

Yes, you are. Crikey, yes, you are the boss…of everything! Let that sink in a minute. Or two. Or twenty. Take as long as you need. You’re bound to have heard these words, “Careful what you wish for.” Your business is what you wished for, to be the boss, the boss of everything. So congratulate yourself for venturing into the world of business and remind yourself of those feelings you had at the start; the…


It’s Not Just Our Business That Needs Intention and Attention

I remember with excitement the day I started up my business. No boss, no staff, no stress….. and looking back now I realise, not much of an clue! The Big idea was that I would get paid for my passion; this was totally what I wanted to do. Motivated to support people who wanted to build better businesses, I would be working with them as they did it, improving the quality of service to their…

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