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Posts Tagged ‘personal growth’

What’s your Vision?

“My what?” “No idea” “Why do I need one of them?” These are some of the confused responses that often come back to me when I ask them that question. However when I ask my clients what they find most helpful about working with miworld, here are some of the responses I have heard: “You make me think differently about my business” “You give me more clarity around my business, I feel great about that”…


When Did You Last Stop for Breath?

Recently I parked my car to take a scheduled phonecall, something very familiar to me. As we checked in, discussed challenges and options I became very aware of the world round me. What was unfamiliar was where I had parked the car, not in a car park or at the side of the road but somewhere different. I just realised I was in the beauty of the country. The sun was shining, the fields were…

Passing on the pain

My work is about supporting others to get the results they want in their business. Many of my clients are allegedly in a position of power which often means they feel lonely, isolated and would welcome challenge and I am here to do just that. Let’s face it, life in itself often feels like one big challenge and can be dealt with easier if you have someone to share the load. Successful people like Tiger…

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