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Archive for August, 2016

Smash Through That Fear That’s Holding You Back In 5 Simple Steps

How often have you thought about doing something and decided to put it off until later, until tomorrow or next week or even forever? You’d planned it perfectly, considered all the options and decided on what you were going to do, how you were going to do it, probably in your mind you saw yourself finished and reaping the benefits. Time was set aside, but when the time came to take action, the whole thing…


It Is Only Ambitious People Who Achieve Success!

That makes sense, right? My initial gut reaction to that statement is, ‘Of course, absolutely”. But then something twitched in my consciousness and I decided it needed more investigation! After all, what is ambition?  And is it a pre-requisite for success? And what’s success? Can you reach it without ambition? Here are the dictionary definitions to start getting a clear understanding of what we’re talking about. Ambition: From the Latin, ambitio, meaning “the desire for…


Big in Business! That can only be good for you, right?

  You’ve taken the time to start your own business. You fought your way past the doubters and naysayers; you spent all your time, money and energy in making your business work. Well Done. So what’s next? Why don’t you expand it? That’s the next step, right? To go Big, to grow bigger. It’s like when you meet a boy or girl and start getting serious, people ask when you’ll get engaged, and when that…

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