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Did He Really Say That? Although we live in a fabulously technological world, every so often it just doesn’t work! So when my telephone wasn’t working, I made a call to my supplier

 Say the second thing that comes into your head Another sunny day to enjoy…… After my son Martins’ recent 17th birthday party, I was surprised to hear of yet another wrestling night (by

The Nepalese New Year has dominated my week in a phenomenal way – it has let me meet people I haven’t seen for a while and allowed me to invite close friends for

In miworld it was time for my 15 year old son Martin to take some responsibility for household chores so I decided a good place to start would be the dishes. We have

A few days ago, as the sun was dropping in the sky, I found myself at the foot of the Pentland hills about to go for a walk, a very hilly walk I

“Where are you watching the royal wedding?” my friend asked, and was horrified with my reply of, “I’m not – I’ll see the highlights on the news later, I don’t need to see

What a different world we live in when the sun comes out! After enjoying a lazy rainy day on the Saturday before Easter, reading a book and generally pottering about in the house,