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I’m sure this happens to a lot of you in business; you’ve spent years on honing your skills, you work hard to stay up to date with industry standards, you spend too much

Judging people is easy. How often during a day do we all hear other people judging other people, ourselves judging other people and us judging ourselves. Happens all day every day. “Why did

One of the words you hear small children repeat over and over again is the word, “Why” “Please go and brush your teeth” “Why?” “Daddy, why is that dog brown?” ‘It just is’

Every day we are bombarded by information; via news channels, social media and other people’s views and opinions. There’s just so much, about everything and if we took in all that we could,

Many people believe that the New Year is the best time to make resolutions. However, here at miworld, we do things differently and we find that rounding off the year in mid December

In business, especially the service industries in which I work, we tend to exchange our knowledge, talent, skills and experience for our most wanted popular resource; money. The tradition of exchange began long

It is national novel writing month and I am inspired to share my own writing journey because, whether it be a book, an article or something else, we may all have the ability

I used to watch in awe as Jodie, my son’s hamster, jumped onto her wheel and ran and ran and ran, putting her heart and soul into going no-where. There were times when

Long time readers of miview will know that I love getting away for a wee break. And this autumn weekend I was delighted to be driving up to St Andrews in Fife to

It’s a lovely sunny March afternoon, you’re sitting having lunch beside the River Thames hoping for a glimpse of a boat or two. And not any old boat, but one from Oxford or