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Maybe you’ve heard the story of John Chapman, most often depicted as a nomadic character wandering about North America, dropping apple seeds everywhere he went. John Chapman became known as Johnny Appleseed, but

At around six years old I remember the sunshine beaming onto my face as I watched the girl on the pony being led round the paddock. We were at the children’s farm at

Today we’re going to talk about clarity . I’m honoured that clarity is the word I most hear when clients give me feedback on our work together. I love it when clients tell

What have you been doing? What have you been looking at? Distracted? Busy doing everything and achieving little to nothing? It's time to focus on the real stuff that matters It's time to

Visionworks. Do you need this? Yes. Unless you want every day to be the same as every other day that's gone past. It is time to change It is time to charge it

Do you remember the excitement many years ago when you started your business? What you were going to do, how you were going to do it, your thoughts about growth and that better

Here’s what I believe, everything we do in our lives starts from a thought. Everything. Whether it’s building a boat, moving house, starting a business, taking on your first member of staff; it

When the discussions turn to getting stuff done, don’t you hear the same excuses arise time and time again that revolve around the issue of time, or rather lack of it. If I

How often have you thought about doing something and decided to put it off until later, until tomorrow or next week or even forever? You’d planned it perfectly, considered all the options and

That makes sense, right? My initial gut reaction to that statement is, ‘Of course, absolutely”. But then something twitched in my consciousness and I decided it needed more investigation! After all, what is